The availability of trade finance is often cited by businesses around the world as a major barrier to their ability to trade and grow.

So, getting this aspect of your business right (and seeking out alternative and better sources of finance) is essential to enable your business to grow and take advantage of new opportunities.
Improvements in technology can bridge the gaps between you and customers around the world, and it can decrease some costs there is no doubt, however it does not remove the need for one important ingredient: the finance or capital or simply money you need, to reach that market and trade safely.

Obtaining support from a bank or specialist trade finance lender will help you on your way. At Funding Solutions we can help you to find a finance partner and appropriate finance method, to get you on your way and trading internationally.

We can help you export better (or import better) by connecting you to international sources of finance in the UK, and in turn we help facilitate your goal of growing beyond your local area, to expand internationally, and compete on a bigger stage.

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