Credit Insurance

Credit insurance could protect your business from bad financial debts which could be tragic for some businesses.

At Funding Solutions we could provide credit insurance as a stand alone policy or as component of a non-recourse invoice finance facility.

As we deal with the entire market of credit insurance businesses and invoice financiers we could guarantee you acquire the most effective cover offered in the most budget-friendly way.

Why should I unsure my companies invoices?

In today’s unsure economic environment businesses are failing each day. These business failures are not only in small companies as we have seen with many well recognised high street companies hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

If you are selling to companies on credit terms you are exposing yourself to the dangers of non payment. Exactly what will be the effect on your business if one of your larger customers was unable to pay you or they went into liquidation? Credit insurance can help safeguard you from these dangers.

The effect of bad debts on a company

The impact of a bad debt on a company is two fold. It clearly effects on revenue and loss as the bad debts has to be written. It does also influence your businesses capital. This impact on cash circulation can be serious where you have needed to pay a supplier or wages in connection with that bad debt.

Credit insurance for exporters

As a merchant taking on new clients could be a troubling time. Credit insurance could assist you to reduce the anxiety of non settlement. With this comfort you could open up new profitable markets to assist your business grow and thrive.

Do I need to insure all my consumers?

A whole turnover credit insurance policy is the most common kind of credit insurance plan offered out there. It will guarantee all your clients to an agreed restriction. The majority of businesses prefer the comfort this type of facility offers.

Nevertheless, there are specific account and key account insurance plans readily available. Specific account credit insurance coverage give cover against a particular client and would be typically used to insure a customer that is the largest on a business sales ledger. A key account credit insurance plan insures the to say 2 – 20 customers on a businesses sales ledger. These clients are generally the largest customers.

How do I obtain credit insurance?

Simply call Funding Solutions on 08 94803746 or complete our online quotation request.