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SO you’re looking for a quote..

In order to arrange a meaningful quote from a specialist lender or bank that meets your needs, we will need to collect some specific details about your business.

Business finance is typically not an ‘off the shelf’ product, with the same terms, conditions and financing available for everyone.

Our lenders provide specific guidance about the kinds of finance and the kinds of businesses they are ready to support, and each lender is different in one respect or another. The choice of lender will depend on your sector, size of business, your funding requirement and your geographic location.

When you provide some initial financial details for us, we can quickly eliminate certain lenders and types of lending for you, and narrow in on a potential business financing partner for your business.

During our search and matching process we are usually not considering banks and lenders that usually require to mortgage your home to obtain the finance.

It could be you already have business loans and home mortgages with your usual bank and they have your home as security for these loans, however you might need more immediate and short-term finance to help you in your goal to export, pay suppliers, purchase equipment and manage your short term operations costs.

Please note that without talking to you to get a full understanding of your business any quote would be no better than a ‘guess-timate’. The last thing we want to do is promise you something and then under-deliver when the details of any financing offer come through, this clearly can waste everybody’s time and money and does not fit with our market position or brand culture. As a business we give honest and impartial advice based on correct information.

However you can speed the process by collecting initially the following kinds of information (aside from name, phone number and address of course) to help us with our first steps. For example, for invoice-based financing like factoring and discounting please collect for us;

  • Your business current turnover (or gross sales)
  • How many years are you in this business?
  • Have you used this type of finance you need, before ?
  • Number of invoices you send out monthly:
  • Value of current outstanding invoices, unpaid?
  • What percentage of sales are attributable to your largest customer?
  • Would you like assistance in collecting your invoices?

We look forward to receiving your enquiry and serving you in the best way we possibly can.

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