Trade Finance

Almost every business has a potential opportunity to open new markets and trade internationally. New technologies are making it easier to meet overseas importers and customers, collaborate with others and build bridges to overcome previous trade barriers.

Importing & Trade Finance

As an importer of products you may be requested to provide the manufacturer with a ‘Letter of Credit’ or some other kind of trade finance.

Your supplier or manufacturer overseas will use the Letter of Credit as a kind of guarantee for  your ability to pay in the future, usually guaranteed by a bank. It means that your providers will simply get paid if they provide the right volume and quality of products. Your purchases can be shipped  safely in the knowledge they will be paid if they do what is required.

Exporting & Trade Finance

As an exporter you request a letter of credit so you can trade with confidence knowing that you will be paid for your items when delivered.

Trade finance can be combined with invoice finance to provide a tailored solution for your whole trade cycle.

Export finance will be based upon and linked to the invoices you issue to companies in foreign markets,  providing you with a more secure and faster way to complete a sale, get paid, and open up new markets. The lender we use will credit check your new consumers to ensureas best as possible they are creditworthy, providing you with peace of mind.

If you are considering importing or exporting contact our team to go over just how we may be able to help you. We have a selection of solutions featuring finance that can help smooth cash flow and reduce international trading risk with partners in foreign countries.

How can we help

At Funding Solutions our recommendations is both unbiased and independent. We can discuss your options and identify how various types of facilities could help you and your company.

With our understanding of the business finance market and our understanding of both importing and exporting we can help you determine what is the most effective solution for your businesses needs.

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