Free Trade and expanding your horizons: what’s it all about ?

Elizabeth Quay Perth

Australia and the Commonwealth nations, as well as the EU and many others, are big supporters of free trade in the world, aiming to break down barriers and borders, encouraging countries to work together and share the advantages and benefits of the best-produced products and services from around the world.

Recently Australia and NZ commenced negotiations with the EU nations – Australia’s second biggest trading partner in the world, to create a Free Trade Agreement, or FTA. The benefits and opportunities that an FTA will bring, are significant. The EU represents a consumer base of 500 million people.

In the least, this FTA will bring largely tariff-free trading opportunities to all businesses both within the EU, and within Australia and New Zealand. We will do our best to keep you informed of these changes and opportunities.

Of course such an opportunity won’t replace or diminish Australia’s trading opportunities or relationships including FTA’s with our Asian partners and other countries, however the EU free-trade agreement will provide the foundation to enable Australian, NZ and European-based business to expand their horizons and open doors to many new markets previously unthought-of or untapped.

With advances in technology and increased connectedness, it’s far easier today to find and connect with your target market. However it’s not always so easy finding a finance supporter or supplier, that will provide the funds you need to make it happen, and to ensure your time and money is not wasted. Improvements in technology can bridge the gaps between you and customers around the world, and it can decrease some costs there is no doubt, however it does not remove the need for one important ingredient: the finance or capital or simply money you need, to reach that market and trade safely.

Obtaining support from a bank or specialist trade finance lender will help you on your way. At Funding Solutions we can help you navigate the finance world to find a finance partner and appropriate finance method, to get you on your way and help you trade internationally.

We can help you export better (or import better for that matter) by connecting you to local and international sources of finance to facilitate your goal of growing beyond your local area, of international expansion and sharing the best of what you have and do, with the world, competing on a bigger stage.