How do you fund the cashflow needs of your business?

At Funding Solutions we help solve business cashflow challenges and create finance solutions for business.


* We can also help exporters reduce international trading risk with new partners and customers in foreign countries.

Our suggestions are both independent and unbiased.


Our process :

☑ focus on listening to you and what your business needs,

☑ on your behalf we will seek out and consider potential solutions, from a range of business finance lenders.

Lenders could include banks and specialist non-banks,

sometimes in several countries.

☑ arrive at our recommended and most cost-effective finance solution for your business.


Your solution will be negotiated to provide the best terms and conditions possible to meet your needs.


We are not part of any bank or finance company, and we like to think we provide a unique approach to your business finances. Find out more about us, here.

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Understand your Working Capital cycle :

Find out how to ..

finance your working capital cycle


What is Trade Finance ?

Trade finance can also be described sometimes as Export or Import finance and is often linked to the invoices you issue to your customer, be they nearby or a company in a foreign market. Obtaining trade finance can provide you with a more secure and a faster way to complete a sale, get paid, and open up new markets.

If you are exporting, the lender we help you select will credit check your new customer to ensure as best as possible they are creditworthy, providing you with peace of mind.

Trade finance can be combined with invoice finance to provide a tailored solution for your whole trade cycle.

If you are considering importing or exporting contact our team to go over just how we may be able to help you.

What is Invoice Finance, Invoice Discounting or Factoring ?

If your customer requests payment terms (for example 30 days , or 60 days or 90 days to pay) or you have accumulated unpaid invoices, Invoice finance (or discounting) allows you to bring forward receipt of that outstanding money.

This will free up cash to invest in more supplies and keep your business running smoothly.

Whether you are using invoice discounting or factoring it is important that the facility is set up correctly (or tailored) to meet the needs of your business.

We work with you to ensure any facility is structured correctly and we will explain in detail the total costs involved in using such a facility.

We have many cash flow solutions to help your business, including invoice finance and trade finance. Our aim is to keep your finance costs to a minimum, maximise the benefits of any facility, and hence ensure you have the essential cash flow your business needs, to flourish and grow. Contact us to learn more.